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Good Vibes Media chats with Colts owner Jim Irsay for The History Channel’s upcoming show, 101 Objects that Changed the World:

"The Scroll"

As part of an American experience, it’s fitting that Colts owner Jim Irsay would share with Hoosiers and Super Bowl visitors the chance to view famed author Jack Kerouac’s original manuscript for On the Road…which goes on display at the Indiana State Museum beginning January 27 through May 6.

As Super Bowl XLVI festivities kick into high gear, it’s a generous gesture from Irsay to share with Indianapolis and visiting sport fans alike the chance to view in person Kerouac’s literary masterpiece written in 1951.

On the day it was moved from Irsay’s spacious office in the Colts complex to the Indiana State Museum, Good Vibes Media interviewed Irsay about Kerouac’s famous scroll.  It is part of a feature segment this spring in the show 101 Objects that Changed the World, an upcoming program for The History Channel and Maryland-based JMW Productions.

Considered the Beat Generation’s bible, Jack Kerouac captured in an unusual 120 foot scroll format, his wild, youthful adventures that took place during a cross-country trip with a friend. Irsay first read On the Road when he was 15 years old, and it made a lasting impression. When he had the chance to purchase the original manuscript, he did…for more than $2 million at a Christie’s auction in 2001.

Irsay’s commitment to the importance of the scroll is impressive.  He graciously carved out time (and kept the appointment!) for our interview about the Kerouac manuscript–despite the tense hiring and firing decisions for new Colts leadership for general managers, etc. that were taking place concurrently.  Kerouac is clearly a passion for him, “A welcome break from the day.” as he said with a smile.

When not sharing the scroll with the world…it’s been on loan in Ireland, New York, Iowa,

San Francisco and more…Irsay proudly displays the manuscript in his office. He says he enjoys sharing the famous scroll with the public…making sure it never gets locked up out-of-sight somewhere. And in the spirit of sharing, there is no better time to put a famous American author’s work on display than during the quintessential American football experience—as Indianapolis hosts it first Super Bowl. Thank you, Jim Irsay.

Good Vibes Media captures Jim Irsay talking about famous Kerouac scroll.

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