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Victoria’s Secret Super Models and steaks!

During this week’s shoot for the Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials (8pm Wednesday, Feb. 1 on CBS) our host Jillian Michaels did a few scenes with Victoria’s Secret super model Adriana Lima and Indy’s famous St. Elmo’s Steakhouse. Of course, Victoria’s Secret has had a few successful Super Bowl commercials, so her appearance was no accident. Lima and her team — make up, hair, PR, etc.–were extremely attentive and worked to make her appearance ever so perfect—Not that she needed much help 🙂 As Indianapolis Star photographer Robert Scheer remarked afterwards, “My editors asked if I had photoshopped her photo–I hadn’t it was right off the card. She just has some thing that pops to the lens, even more so than when you see her to the naked eye.”

Good Vibes Media handled all camera, sound, lights, and other production needs for IMG Worldwide to produce the show, which is directed by Paul Miller. Miller, who has directed Saturday Night Live among other things, had Lima open the show in a similar way with a, “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials starts NOW” playfully to the camera. Lima was a good sport, doing a separate scene with Butler Bulldog Blue 2. Michaels–who is no slouch in the looks department–had fun with it all, joking off screen, that never again is she doing a scene sitting next to a super model.

Super Host and Super Model

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