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Fast and Furious
Super Bowl Halftime Lights

$15,000 per pop!

Insider insight on Setting Up the Super Bowl Halftime Show 

So much to do…so little time! Everything involved with the set up and tear down for the Super Bowl’s halftime show is precision timed…with fast and furious accuracy.

While Good Vibes Media was shooting in the north end zone at Lucas Oil Stadium for the Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials 2012 show (CBS), all the rigging and prep work for the halftime show was going on behind us.  During a break in taping, we struck up a conversation with one of the guys doing the set up.  What he said was truly amazing.

First, we asked how much the individual lights, which were being rigged closest to us, cost.  He estimated $12,000 to $15,000 per light.  There were probably 200 of them!  But, then he leaned in and said, “But that’s not where the real money is…”  My mind was already reeling from the $2-3 million in lights, so I took the bait, “Well, where then?”

He pointed to a row of black boxes already mounted in the rafters.  “32 HD projectors.  $125,000 per.”  That’s a cool $4 million.  And I thought I saw an identical row on the other side of the stadium.   No folks, this is not your cheap knock-down stage!

Perhaps even more miraculous was what he described as the exact timing of the stage creation and tear-down. From the time football is done at halftime, the crew has only eight minutes to cover the field, and build and power the stage.  Eight minutes of absolute frenzy.  Madonna’s performance must then be exactly 12 minutes long….and then just seven minutes to tear it down.  That’s a total of 27 minutes for the complete halftime experience.

Keep this in mind as you take in the show. It brings a whole new appreciation to the skill and professionalism possessed by the folks that bring the halftime show together…no matter how well choreographed the actual stage entertainment is.

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