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Memories of our time with Peyton Manning

Like most around here, we are missing Peyton Manning this morning. Even as we all knew this was coming for a while, the emotion of it caught us a bit off guard yesterday.

It certainly brought back some memories of the ESPN SportsCentury on Manning we created on back in 2005. Manning was entering his prime then…pre-Super Bowl win, but clearly one of the dominant quarterbacks in the league, along with Tom Brady, whom we also profiled in a SportsCentury. The contrast between the two was interesting.

Manning and his management team were extremely professional and willing to help arrange the interviews with Peyton, his family, and facilitate with the Colts management. Brady’s team while also professional, chose not to participate. Not only would Tom not sit for an interview, but they would not allow access to his family or teammates. We did the story anyway, but it was certainly a very different experience.

And that has been just a small part of the gift that Peyton Manning has been for this community. He understood that the media is the primary conduit to the fans…and the fans are what truly drive the game forward. They pay the bills, they generate the excitement and the passion. Columnist Bob Kravitz noted yesterday that Manning would always do local interviews immediately after the game, in full pads, because he knew the local writers were on a very tight deadline. Manning always “got it”.

So, thanks to Peyton for all he did here. And well wishes for health and success at your next stop.

Two clips here…one, to to recall what a master he was on the field for the Colts…

And the other…to remember that he will be out to prove all the doubters wrong when he starts playing again…

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