Over the years, people have asked, what does your name mean, Good Vibes Media?

The answer exists, appropriately enough, in a vibe…a feeling…an essence.  I am excited by the world of the potential.   What can be.  Positive growth.  Learning.  Improvement. Inspiration.  Soul.

There are negative sides to everything in this world.  And, we see them on full display all too often.  Certainly that is true in media.  And, it’s easy to become jaded by the bombardment.

I believe in the positive potential of media.

I believe in its unique power to educate, to motivate, and spark movement.  We’ve seen huge examples…revolutions that shake the world.  And tiny ones…like a profile I did of a little boy who became an astronaut, because he saw John Glenn interviewed by Walter Cronkite.  That’s what media can ignite positive change.

Media has to unique ability to both inform and to move us emotionally.  To deliver fact, but also humanity.  Words, pictures, music…that’s all it is, and yet when you lose yourself within it, that’s all there ever was.

So, why Good Vibes Media?  Because media can be a powerful force for good things.  Tremendous stories can leave an indelible impact.

After the last frame flickers by, leave the viewer with an excitement, an energy, a good vibe.

Why did you base your company in Indianapolis?

Well, there are a lot of good vibes in Indianapolis. It’s easy to fly anywhere from Indianapolis. Most importantly, its where I’m from.


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