W inner of multiple national Emmy awards for documentary storytelling. Winner of Heartland International Film festival Crystal Heart. Winner Heartland Shorts International Film Festival, Winner Chicago International Film Festival Jury Prize, winner two Golden Cine Awards. Winner multiple regional Emmy awards, winner mutiple Telly Awards, a Webby.

Created over 200 hours of non-fiction programming for diverse outlets including A&E, Discovery Networks, ESPN, VH-1, HGTV, PBS, The History Channel, Biography, NBA Entertainment, CBS, ABC News, and others.

“Documentary stories are my passion—always have been. To me there is such power in truth. I’m fascinated by the beautiful mess of our own lives, full of contradiction and struggle yet also grace and humor and resilience. Why we do what we do. How we do it. I can’t get enough of it.”


Good Vibes Media is a company built to create great storytelling. That phrase, “storytelling” has become a bit of a catchphrase in the industry, yet it’s something we’ve been promoting for 20 years. That’s both an annoyance and a validation, right? Storytelling, done right, connects the audience to the project in seamless and profound ways. How do you get someone to lean in, to feel, to remember, once the final frame rolls? If you can do it, that unlocks the secret power of film. To us, each story is truly unique, and we treat it as such. There is no master “process” other than to find meaning, drama, and humanity in everything we work on.

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Slick, Nancy and the Telethon, ESPN 30 for 30 Shorts
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The Addict’s Wake, Feature Length Documentary, Official Trailer.


We work on just about every part of the production process. We Direct. We Produce. We write, narrate, research and plan. We’re expert at field production and interviews. We act as production coordinators. We utilize teams that specialize in videography, audio, grip and lighting work, editing, graphics, and much more. As you’ve probably gathered by now, whatever it takes to tell stories really well on screen, that’s us.